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At PharmaMetrics, we’re proud to be known by the company we keep.


Paragon Solutions is an advisory consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in enterprise information management to help clients leverage information assets for better business results. The company does this through its industry practices, solution accelerators and specialized technology competencies that help clients achieve operational efficiency, business scalability and regulatory compliance.  Paragon works with businesses that are focused in a few key industries - communications, financial services, healthcare, insurance and life sciences. The industry-focused practices work with Paragon’s competency groups to address today’s client concerns in Process Optimization, Information Management and Information Insight. For more information, please visit the Paragon website at www.consultparagon.com, or call 1.800.462.5582.


Activus Solutions is a valued PharmaMetrics implementation partner leveraging over 100 collective years of pharmaceutical contract management experience within your implementation team.


Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group specializes in planning, implementation, and management of information intensive systems and applications that support Commercial Operations processes for top-tier and mid-market pharmaceutical manufacturers and life sciences companies across the United States.


QlikView is the Business Answers Company. Maker of QlikView, a whole new class of business intelligence software. One that puts users in control, lets them explore their data with unprecedented freedom, get the answers they need, and take action, now.


Marton & Associates provides project based consulting and ongoing management of pharmaceutical government pricing and compliance needs.


Biltmore Technologies is a Sales and Marketing IT consulting firm, specializing in information delivery, strategic business analytics, and system design for the pharmaceutical industry. Their Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Customer Relationship Management solutions make organizations more productive and customer-focused. Their technology solutions transform pharmaceutical companies’ extensive data into true business intelligence.


Knowledgent is a purpose-built Industry Information Consultancy that provides advanced Information Management and Analytical (IM&A) solutions with industry-specific specialization in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Commercial markets. Knowledgent is a first-in-category firm, built from the ground up to combine IM&A advisory and delivery capabilities with vertical domain knowledge. While the core capability of our firm is comprised of competencies that address business & IT strategy, business analysis, program management, information management, and big data analytics, the context in which we approach any problem is the vertical industry of our clients.  For more information about Knowledgent, please visit www.knowledgent.com.


  •  “What sets PharmaMetrics apart is the depth and breadth of their true business knowledge.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “PharmaMetrics solutions can either be a complete business solution or independent modules that supplement your current business infrastructure.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “The implementation was easy and I didn’t need any training whatsoever. If you know how to do your job – the system follows your process. You don’t have to change your process to meet the systems needs.”
                -- Director, Corporate Compliance, Dermatological Company

  • “The industry experience and knowledge of their expanded team of experts sets them far apart from other service providers within the industry.”
                -- Director of Contracting, Amarin Pharma Inc.

  • “PharmaMetrics offers the services and software to handle all of our Managed Markets needs from front-end pricing analytics to the ban-end contract administration.”
            -- Sr. Director, Contract Management, Top 10 Pharma

  • “The robust reports generated enable more accurate forecasting and financial analysis.”
            -- Sr. Director, Top 10 Pharma